Bikes, Yachts, Limos and Lambos

So what is your favorite bike? I have a Harley that I ride everywhere when I am not doing my messenger runs. Around the streets of LA it;s great to ride. I love taking off to hang out with my buddies at Santa Monica. We usually chill by the pier before heading down to Venice and Marina Del Rey.

There is something awesome about riding a Harley in Los Angeles. The Angelinos appreciate a real bike when they see one. I picked up my latest ride (I usually keep a bike for 2 years before trading for something else) – it’s a Dyna Low Rider. I always shop with OC Harley Davidson in Irvine because these guys offer great service and always give me a fair price on my trade.


So what do you think? Isn’t that one cool looking bike?

So how about Yachts?  As I said before I head to Newport Beach to hang out with my buddy Chad on board his 50ft vessel – he called Lazy Sue. No idea where that name came from, but I think it has something to do with an ex..  Anyways, if you have never been to Newport definitely put it on the list when you visit Southern California.  It’s trendy and has great shopping at Fashion Island.

There are a bunch of awesome eateries there too by the way.

One of the best times to get on a yacht in Newport Beach is during the Christmas Festival. There are some excellent parties on the large charter yachts or if you know someone like my buddy Chad you can even jump on theirs and join in the parade. I think he is planing to enter for 2015.

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Now if you want to talk about flamboyant limos and luxury cars, then there are 2 choices in my mind. Beverly Hills is definitely one of them and the other has to be Newport Beach. Limo companies down in OC are dime-a-dozen, there is so much money swimming around there in a concentrated are with a high population that Orange County is able to support literally hundreds of Limo Companies.

Real Housewives of Orange County I believe use Best Limos Irvine for the their stretched hummers – word is they have the best ones in the local area. I’ve seen a few of their limos cruising to Balboa and the Peninsula on 22nd street.

For many people Lamborghinis would be the top of the list. They have to come last in my awesome short-list, but of course I love them. Who wouldn’t?

Have you driven one? I took a test-drive along PCH from a small local dealer. What a rush. These cars don’t just look flash, they make you feel a million dollars – picture it. This is what I took for a spin. I have to admit it took me back straight off the lights. The Aventador is my favorite so far from the Lambo stable. No wonder so many celebs are ordering these supercars.



So, what do you think?  What’s your favorite transport? I haven’t gotten into luxury jets yet (not yet made a good enough contact!). Still working on that one. As you might have gathered I am sociable which is how I have made most of my connections to get amongst the high rollers in Southern CA.


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Where would be your No. 1 destination?  Want to see mine?


Santorini, Greece

Located southeast of mainland Greece, Santorini actually an island formed by a huge volcanic caldera. Because of its origin, and ancient volcanic activity, the many beaches on this island are covered with red, black and white sands. Most of the city is set up on the rim, high above the sea, providing amazing views of the water and historic buildings.

This is the next destination on my bucket list. There are so many five-star resorts to choose from here, but I think I will focus on my top two favorites. The Canaves takes first place, not only because of the fabulous sea views from every guest room, but because no children under 13 are permitted in the hotel, keep the property blissfully quiet and peaceful. Located close enough to stroll int Oia Village, this resort is located on the cliff side, overlooking the caldera with sunsets in the distance and deep aegean waters just below. The village of Oia is a lovely quaint place, full of whitewashed houses and cobblestone alleyways. There are many fantastic tavernas, cafes, bars and small shops to enjoy should I need to escape the perfection of the gorgeous resort pool. There are two beaches within walking distance, and the airport is only 14 miles away.

The San Antonio Hotel is a close runner up. What draws me to this property is its location and unobstructed views. The hotel itself was built into the volcanic rock, and is perched 100 yards above the beautiful sapphire sea. Like The Canaves, San Antonio Hotel is a five star luxury resort, high on class and service offering amenities that other properties lack. Butler and Valet service are standard and the friendly staff are more than helpful. The facilities are second to none and the guest rooms are unforgettable. Perhaps my favorite feature is the rooftop dining, with tables up against the edge of the cliff, providing the most unbelievable dining experience. Beautifully furnished and impeccably maintained, this hotel is the pinnacle of luxury and decadence.

I am always looking for properties that appeal to all my senses, and satisfying my appetite is as important as anything else. The menus are full of local and comfort foods, and the wines offered are some of the finest in the world. As one would expect, the foods are rich and beautifully presented. I look forward to tasting the best Santorini has to offer!

Bora Bora, French Polynesia


Located in the Leeward Islands, Bora Bora has some of the most famous resorts in all of French Polynesia. Always at the top of the list is the Four Seasons Resort, which is located on its own private Motu island. White beaches, blue lagoons and over-water bungalows make this destination my top bucket list resort. I don’t know if it is the lure of jumping off my own terrace into the teal blue water or the fact that it is so isolated from the rest of the world that prove so alluring. Either way, it is somewhere I would love to visit and soak in for a good long while. This resort has its own marine biologist on staff, and gives guided snorkeling tours. Complete with four restaurants and two bars, I could easily spend a week exhaling and enjoying the spectacular sunsets.
Another top destination resort is the St. Regis Resort, opened in June 2006. Truly a world class luxury paradise, the St. Regis Bora Bora Resort is a magical property, perfectly located, providing the most amazing ocean and mountain views. Again, the over-water bungalow provides the ultimate in guest accommodations. Some even have whirlpools or private pools on their terraces! There are one, two and three bedroom villas, although I would never take my kids with me if I were planning on relaxing at all. Spa Miri Miri is in it’s own private lagoon island, and its menu offers some of the most amazing treatments. There are three restaurants, one over the sater, and several pools. Yachting and scuba diving top the activity list, but I think I would rather relax in one of the private poolside cabanas, complete with wait staff. I could see settling in for a while at this resort, no problem!
Looking for fun things to do around the islands? Many of the finer hotels and resorts offer packages with Island tours and snorkeling, but if you are really up for something different, you can hire a chauffeured speed boat to take you into town via the water and enjoy the local restaurants and shopping. Or better yet, how about parasailing? Because of the climate and location, Bora Bora has some of the most beautiful lagoons in the world and what better way to see them than from the sky? Want something closer to the ground? Rent a battery powered bicycle at one of the many local shops and explore the islands on your own. Don’t worry, they have regular bicycles, too. I think I would rather rent a 4×4 and do some serious exploring. Visiting the ancient temples and World War 11 sites that fellow Americans built during a time of friendly occupation in 1942 are on the top of my list.
Anything your heart desires you awaits you on Bora Bora. Helicopter tours, Catamaran sailing, jet boating, kite boarding, helmet diving, submarine scooter diving, reef discovery and fishing are just a few more great options for spending time outside your luxury resort.
I am already making mental lists for my must do’s and look forward to posting pictures worth a thousand words when I return!

Venice, Italy

Aside from Paris, Venice is the top metropolis on my list, if you can call it that. If the share romance or beauty of the water and architecture are not enough to draw someone in, surly the food would.

Even from arrival at the airport, water transport is the favorite way to get to and around this City of Water. The state public water bus provides very reasonable service to San Marco Square. I guess if I have money to blow, I would splurge for a water taxi, but that will cost a pretty penny. Once in Venice, using the public water bus system can get expensive if you do not purchase a 24hr + ticket.

The city proper is a series of canals and walkways, making it a wonderful place to explore in a few days. Very small, in fact so small one would walk from one side to the other in an hour, Venice is steeped in historical and cultural treasures. One of my top destinations in the city is Doge’s Palace. Built in the 9th century, and now housing paintings and statues, it also offers a Secret itineraries tour. This takes one down into the underground dungeons and cells, including the one which housed the incarcerated Casanova.

Other sites that top my list are the Campanile Bell tower on San Marco. I would love to be up in the tower at the top of the hour and experience the bell ringing. The churches in Venice are not to be missed, and the Chorus Pass can be purchased from any of the the sixteen churches on the tour. Next I believe that a visit to San Giorgio Maggiore would be in order. This spectacular church sits on its own island just south of San Marco Square, and the view from the bell tower rivals that of Campanile.

Of course a visit to Venice would not be complete without a gondola ride. Even just for the sheer romance of it, I would gladly pay the hefty fee for the experience. The city takes on a different appearance at sunset, and the shadows on the canals and buildings bring out the intense beauty of this ancient city.


This is my absolute number one dream destination. If I had to choose one place to visit for the whole of my life, it would be Paris. I am not entirely sure what the draw is, but I believe it is probably a combination of the architecture, history, culture and food.

Of course, my first stop in the City of Lights would be the Eiffel Tower. I think I would have to stay in a hotel with it’s lights visible from my bedroom window. This beautiful landmark calls to me from across the ocean, and I can hardly imagine a trip to France without a nighttime tour of this site. Wine and cheese will await me at the top, with my sweetheart by my side, and I will soak in the views for as long as I am allowed. Probably the most iconic romantic structure in the whole of Europe, the Eiffel Tower has been on my bucket list from the time I was a child.

From the palace tour at Versailles outside the city, to couture shopping on the Champs Élysées, my days would be filled immersed in history and french culture. A city with many splendors, Paris has been elevated to in impossible position in my dreams, and I long to sit in a corner café, people watching while I sip on something hot and sweet.

I have already chosen my hotels of choice, although the list is growing by the day. On the top is the Shangri-La Hotel, not surprisingly. This is one of the most romantic hotels in the city, with such up-close views of the Eiffel Tower, that the blackout curtains need to be drawn at days end to allow guests to sleep. Yes, I really want to be this close. Because of it’s proximity to the tower, this property has some of the most jaw-dropping Paris views, unrivaled by other hotels. This is a true Five Star property, and the one that will always remain atop my dream hotel list.

The second Hotel on my list is The Peninsula Paris, which is just a bit of a walk to the tower, but still close enough to dazzle guests with 360 degree views of the whole city. At night, the sixth-floor rooftop is a lovely place to sit and enjoy a glass of fine wine and food, surrounded by this fantastic, vibrant city. Every one of the rooms is outfitted with the latest in technology, allowing me to keep plugged into my email and work, but I probably won’t make much time for it.

I await the day I step off the plane and into this city of food and culture I have only have the luxury of dreaming about.

Welcome to my travel blog

Welcome to my travel blog called Humans on Bikes – where I am going to post the best places to visit (well, the places I want to visit anyway). I’ve done a lot of traveling around Europe as a kid, and various other places around the world. I have these 10 places on my list of top destinations to visit this decade.

This blog is to be inspirational to others and also to me, to keep me focused on why i grind away at work, to be able to get to go to these places – 1 per year for the next decade!

Anyways, I just wanted to write this so you know the purpose of the stuff on here – I’m also going to introduce you to some things I do here in the good ‘ol US of A in between my travels.

I love bikes as you may have gathered- started with a buddy of mine in Portland,OR. I’ve been involved in all kinds of stuff – exotic cars, limos, yachts – anything flashy or where there is action appeals to me.

So anytime I am away on vacation I try to involve plenty of time using these fun ways to get around and see the place and indulge my passion.

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